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Reflection is a very important part of the service-learning cycle. On this page, there are some resources and ideas to assist you in reflection. To read more...
4-H members can make a world of difference
Community Service-Learning Need Assessment Situations
Here are some situations designed to provide an opportunity for you to think about and design effective service-learning projects to addresses the needs outlined in the situations.
Monitor and Record
Project Monitoring
Project monitoring is a very important part of the service-learning cycle. We must monitor our projects to keep them on the right track. To learn more...
Needs Assessment
Needs assessment is at the beginning of the service-learning cycle when we are attempting to figure out what our project is going to be. Learn more...
community ownership
Community Ownership
It’s important that the service-learning project belongs to the participants and their community. Young people and community members should work together to identify community needs, plan service activities and evaluate the impact of the service-learning project.
New Application
As the service-learning project comes to a close, efforts need to be made to help youth continue to use their new knowledge and skills to make decisions, solve problems and grow as caring, contributing members of their communities.
youth voice
Youth Voice
It is important for youth to have the voice when it comes to service-learning. To learn more...
Meaningful Service
Meaningful Service
Service-learning is a more meaningful process to the people involved than is community service. We must keep this in mind when conducting a service-learning project.
Service-Learning Preparation and Planning Sheet
You'll find the Service-Learning Preparation and Planning Sheet invaluable as you plan your next service-learning project. The sheet provides a framework for success for your service-learning project. .
Recommendations for Adults
Here are some recommendations for adults who are participating in service-learning with youth.
Preparation and Planning
This is the step in the service-learning cycle where we plan what needs to be done in the project and get adequate materials for it.
Meaningful Service Scenarios
Here are some scenarios of meaningful service. To learn more...
Meaningful Service Resources
The meaningful service checklist will help you to determine if you have met all of the hallmarks of meaningful service.
Service-Learning Evaluation Rubric
Service-learning is a teaching method that combines academic instruction, meaningful service and critical, reflective thinking to enhance learning and civic responsibility. Use this rubric to evaluate the progress of your service-learning project while you're doing it and once you've completed it.
Evaluation is a step of the service-learning cycle. It is where you evaluate the project and make changes where they are needed. To learn more, look at the following resources.
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