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Orleans Parish SPA 4-H Clubs Map Their Community

During their meeting on January 11, 2012 New York Life’s Youth in Governance 4-H Clubs at Success Preparatory Academy mapped their community. The activity was part of their curriculum in public adventures and was designed to get the 4-H Club members to think about their community. What made up the map? Things like their homes, school, stores like Game Stop, and of course, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. 

But not everything documented was positive. The 4-H’ers also mapped litter, blighted houses and a city bus with the Crime Stoppers phone number. Using their maps the clubs identified public issues that they would like to address, including violence, litter, homelessness, stray animals, afterschool opportunities for kids and health care availability. Next month the clubs will begin to brainstorm solutions that will determine their spring service-learning project.

Article courtesy of Veronica Del Bianco, 4-H extension agent.
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