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Community Service Learning - Material

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FilenameDescriptionFile Size
ServeLearnHB.pdf Celebration 1,440.30 KB
Celebrate,+Recognize+and+Reporting.ppt Celebration 524.50 KB
Way+to+Go+Recognition+GuideMargin.pdf Celebration 224.08 KB
What+is+an+impact+report.pdf Celebration 29.15 KB
evaluation+-+july.ppt Evaluation 902.50 KB
Rubric.pdf Evaluation 17.68 KB
Finding+Funding+Service+Learning+2005.doc Grants 142.00 KB
Service+Learning+Grants.doc Grants 122.50 KB
Service-Learning-+Funding+.ppt Grants 773.50 KB
365+Service+Ideas+edited+jh.rtf Intro to Service Learning 2,794.84 KB
Service+Definition.doc Intro to Service Learning 126.50 KB
Learning+Community+Service+Comparison.doc Intro to Service Learning 106.50 KB
Service+Learning+Benefits+Matching+Game.ppt Intro to Service Learning 148.50 KB
Service+Learning+Overview.ppt Intro to Service Learning 829.50 KB
Service+Learning+Puzzle21.ppt Intro to Service Learning 84.00 KB
Service+Learning+Research+Abstracts.doc Intro to Service Learning 47.50 KB
Service+Learning+Treasure+Hunt.doc Intro to Service Learning 173.50 KB
Service-Learning+Benefits+2.doc Intro to Service Learning 130.00 KB
Meaningful+Service+Checklist.doc Meaningful Service 172.00 KB
Hallmarks+of+Meaningful+Service+Programs.doc Meaningful Service 170.50 KB
Meaningful+Service+Learning+Overview.ppt Meaningful Service 551.00 KB
Meaningful+Service+Scenarios.doc Meaningful Service 122.50 KB
071505+document.pdf Needs Assessment 249.01 KB
needs+assessment+-+july+ver2.ppt Needs Assessment 910.00 KB
CSL+situations+revised.7-27doc.doc Planning 32.00 KB
Service+Project+Connections2.doc Planning 70.50 KB
Service+Learning+Quotes+I+(posters).pdf Quotes 384.45 KB
Service+Learning+Quotes+II+(Table+Tents).pdf Quotes 1,178.30 KB
reference+-+www.servicelearning.org.pdf Reflection 1,189.46 KB
reflection+nwtoolkit.pdf Reflection 489.90 KB
Reflection+SL+Initiative+Powerpoint+Final.ppt Reflection 585.50 KB
SL+reflection+activity.doc Reflection 39.50 KB
Letter+to+Principals.doc School Packet 45.00 KB
Letter+to+Superintendent.doc School Packet 42.50 KB
Letter+to+Teacher.doc School Packet 44.00 KB
Recommendations+for+Adults+in+Service.doc Youth Voice 125.00 KB
voices_handbook1+-+www.californiacenter.org.pdf Youth Voice 1,414.24 KB
Youth+Voice+Powerpoint.ppt Youth Voice 552.50 KB
YVGuide.pdf Youth Voice 181.67 KB
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