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Research Poster
Research Poster: Reading to the Heart (RTTH) Program
The RTTH Program is a partnership between the LSU AgCenter and local community and faith-based partners to bring the findings of evidence-based reading research to the educational community and families with an interest in helping all people learn to read well. As depicted in the research poster, logic modeling of the RTTH Program is helping us assess the effect of reading interventions on reading motivation and proficiency.
Program Flyer
Reading to the HEART Program Flyer
Program flyer for the Reading to the HEART program. Reading to the HEART is an exciting family reading program featuring computer technology projects, book discussions, arts & crafts projects, photography, scrapbooking and family portfolio development, and other family literacy events.
Stretch your technology budget
Stretch your technology budget: Using web-based resources in literacy programs
Are you looking for ways to stretch your technology budgets for literacy programs? Information on Web-based resources you can use in literacy programs, including lesson plans, computer project, online books, "the arts" and professional development are included in the PowerPoint presentation Stretch your technology budget: Using Web-based resources in literacy programs.