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Operation Military Kids
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Service-Learning Projects -- Hero Packs

Service-learning Project to Celebrate the Month of the Military Child

Spring is coming, so now is the time to start planning your service-learning project. April is the Month of the Military Child, so what better way for you and your 4-H’ers to celebrate it than with a Hero Pack service-learning project.

Why Hero Packs -- 5 Easy Reasons

  1. Show your appreciation for those who serve our country in the military -- Hero Packs are a show of your appreciation and support, not only for the sacrifices that the service member makes when she or he is deployed but also for the sacrifices of the family members left behind. Military kids serve when they take on the responsibilities of their deployed parent, leave their friends behind in a transfer or are sent to live with relatives or friends when their military parent gets deployed. In addition to helping military kids in your community better cope with the challenges of deployment, you also give the deployed service members peace of mind knowing that their children are being taken care of.

  2. Instill your 4-H’ers with citizenship and patriotism -- The Hero Pack service-learning project will give your 4-H’ers the chance to learn about military life and everything kids like them are dooing for their country. They will be able to reach out to other kids in their community and become more aware of the children in need in their own neighborhood.

  3. Recruit new 4-H’ers from the military families -- With every Hero Pack is a parent pouch of local resources for military families. You can include your calendar of events, enrollment cards, flyers and program information -- directly into the hands of the kids and parents. So show off all of the wonderful things your clubs are doing.
  4. Build better relationships with your community -- Hero Packs are made to connect military kids and their families to support networks to help them through the deployment cycle. So in addition to your 4-H information, you and your 4-H’ers can reach out to your local businesses and organizations to get donations for Hero Pack items. Once those connections are made, you can sustain them to make your community better.

  5. Access FREE Resources-- The Hero Pack guide book and lots of other Operation: Military Kids resources at the OMK website or at 4-H Military Partnerships

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