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Who's Who at the Zoo

Zoo 1
Young children drawing pictures of zoo animals.
Zoo 2
Putting together a giant giraffe puzzle takes teamwork.
Zoo 3
Taking turns while petting a live rabbit.
The March 2012 Discovery Days program introduced young children to zoo animals through songs, stories, puzzles and art activities.

After the children marched around to Raffi's song "Going to the Zoo," museum coordinator Rose Anne St. Romain read them the big book "Counting at the Zoo." The children named the animals in the book and followed the counting directions.

St. Romain sang "Animal Fair," a traditional song about zoo animal antics. Children followed her directions in imitating animal motions and learned to sing parts of the song.

Next, the children participated in dramatizing a story about zoo animals. The story, "The Baby Beebee Bird" by Dianne Redfield Massie, reviewed the names of many zoo animals and inspired a discussion about when to go to sleep and when to stay awake, what is fair and what is not fair.

The children also learned how to draw animals freehand and to talk about their drawings.

While constructing giant floor puzzles of different zoo animals, the children had opportunities to work as a team.

When they petted a live rabbit, the children practiced taking turns, a very challenging skill for young children. 

A video about a real life zoo showed the children a wide variety of zoo animals and introduced the children to animals they'd never seen before.
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