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A Grain of Wheat

During November 2011, the Louisiana 4-H Museum's Discovery Days program featured "A Grain of Wheat," a multi-sensory hands-on program. Youth learned how wheat is farmed and used to make food during interactive readings of books such as "Wheat" and "The Little Red Hen." They touched, smelled and tasted a variety of breads and learned about the cultural origins of these breads. Children also got a close-up look at how a grain of wheat contains flour, the main ingredient in bread and bread products. Next, they helped make waffle batter from flour and watched how waffles cook. As the final activity, children ate the waffles!

Bread and books
Breads, books and a surprise in a picnic basket helped children learn about the importance of wheat.

Smelling bread
Smelling and touching all kinds of different breads.

See inside
Seeing the flour inside the grains of wheat.

making waffle batter
Making waffle batter.

We made waffles
The waffles are cooked!
Hearing a story
Hearing the story of "The Little Red Hen."

French bread
Smelling a loaf of French bread.

Hammering open a wheat seed
Feeling grains of wheat and smashing them open with a hammer to see the flour inside.

pouring batter
Watching waffle batter being poured into waffle irons.

let's eat
Eating the waffles, made from wheat!

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