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St. Mary
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St. Mary Parish 4-H founded its Parish 4-H Foundation Charter in 1990. Visit the St. Mary Parish 4-H Web site for more information about the local 4-H program.

Emma Dell Broussard
Broussard, Emma Dell
St. Mary Parish. Year Inducted: 2008. Emma Broussard credits 4-H for what she has achieved in life. She became a 4-H member in 1949 and remains active with the organization. She serves as a judge for various parish events and has been a 4-H camp counselor.
Raphael "Pookie" Rodriguez
Rodriguez, Raphael "Pookie"
St. Mary Parish. Year Inducted: 2008. Raphael Rodriguez has been active in community organizations for over 40 years and supports 4-H, volunteering for numerous projects. He was a key figure in establishing the St. Mary Parish Fair Association, which has a strong relationship with the 4-H program and livestock projects. His involvement with the program continues with his children and grandchildren.