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Livingston Parish 4-H founded its Parish 4-H Foundation Charter in 1996. Visit the Livingston Parish 4-H Web site for more information about the local 4-H program.

Janelle Carrier
Carrier, Janelle
Livingston Parish. Year Inducted: 2013. The lessons learned as an eight-year club member provided Janelle Carrier, of Livingston Parish, a model for her volunteer work (1951-2013). Under her leadership, members excelled in community projects, project work and record book competitions. As school principal, she continued support for the leader and club members.
Martha Latimer
Latimer, Martha
Livingston Parish. Year Inducted: 2013. Over the years (1949-2013) Martha Latimer has served as a member, club leader, project leader, advisory council board member, and Camp Grant Walker, Louisiana 4-H Foundation and Livingston Foundation board member. She is currently president of the Livingston Foundation Board. Along with several Louisiana Volunteer for Family and Community members, Martha attended a seminar on Character Counts!
Margaret Sorenson
Sorenson, Margaret Lass
Livingston Parish. Year Inducted: 2008. Margaret Sorenson began her 4-H career at the age of 10 years old. During her 30-year career as a 4-H Club leader, she received the Leader of the Year Award numerous times and also was awarded the 4-H Alumni Award during Short Course. Margaret also served as an adviser to the State 4-H Fashion Board and was instrumental in starting a 4-H Fashion Board in Livingston Parish in 1995.