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Iberville Parish 4-H founded its Parish 4-H Foundation Charter in 1995. Visit the Iberville Parish 4-H Web site for more information about the local 4-H program.

Gary Hebert
Hebert, Gary J.
Iberville Parish. Year Inducted: 2008. Gary Hebert was a 4-H member in the 1940s and held every club office possible. An avid writer, he honed his skills through reading everything that the Extension Service published about writing. He and his wife began a weekly newspaper in 1957, which provided extensive coverage of 4-H news. Gary Hebert won the 4-H Alumni Recognition Award in 1961.
Pete Miranda
Miranda, Pete
Iberville Parish. Year Inducted: 2014. Pete Miranda has been involved in the 4-H program since 1928 when he became a club member. All three of his children were 4-H members as well. He has served the program on advisory boards and councils and as a livestock project leader with the horse, dairy and poultry programs. He was instrumental in establishing the Mike Zito Multi-Purpose Facility in Iberville Parish where parish livestock events are held.
Cecil Ramagos, Sr.
Ramagos, Cecil Sr.
Iberville Parish. Year Inducted: 2008. Cecil Ramagos Sr. became involved in 4-H at the age of nine and remained active long after high school. He volunteered his time, money, energy and expertise to help any 4-H’er in need for more than 30 years. His tireless efforts helped elevate the Iberville 4-H livestock project to one of the highest-quality programs in the state.
Ivory Lee Williams
Williams, Ivory Lee
Iberville Parish.Year Inducted: 2008. Ivory Williams committed herself to the 4-H program for 29 years. She is the five-time recipient of the parish’s Outstanding 4-H Leader Award, has served as president of the Iberville Parish 4-H Foundation for three years and is currently on the 4-H Advisory Committee. She has volunteered as an adult leader at 4-H Camp Grant Walker for several years as well as helped prepare youth for contests held at 4-H Short Course.