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Severance, Charles E.

Charles E. Severance
East Baton Rouge Parish
Year Inducted: 2012

The 4-H career of Charles E. Severance spanned from the 1930s through 2009. He began as a South Carolina club member involved in the swine and electricity projects. He was named state winner in the electrification program and attended national 4-H Congress in Chicago, receiving a scholarship enabling him to attend Clemson University. Upon his graduation, he was employed as a specialist by the LS Cooperative Extension Service for 39 years to work with the 4-H and adult electric programs. He provided technical expertise statewide in electrification, housing, farm equipment and irrigation. Mr. Severance served the East Baton Rouge 4-H program as a leader, parent, 4-H Foundation Board member and advisory committee member, fundraiser and donor. He was an avid supporter of the livestock program and rodeo parade. He has served on numerous agricultural and civic committees. As a result of his lifelong support to 4-H and the extension program, the Charles E. Severance endowed scholarship was established in 2009 for graduate studies in Biological Studies and Ag Engineering at Louisiana State University.

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