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Concordia Parish 4-H founded its Parish 4-H Foundation Charter in 1994. Visit the Concordia Parish 4-H Web site for more information about the local 4-H program.

Sue Butler
Butler, Sue
Concordia Parish. Year Inducted: 2014. Sue Butler served as a 4-H leader at Vidalia Upper Elementary in Concordia Parish for 10 years (1988-98). When the Character Counts! program was initiated, she served as Central Area coordinator. In addition, Sue served on the LSU AgCenter’s Central Area Leadership Council for two years and on the parish advisory committee.
William Ulrich “B.U.” Miller
Miller, William Ulrich
Concordia Parish. Year Inducted: 2008. B.U. Miller worked with students in the 4-H livestock program. He served on the 4-H advisory board and also worked with the fundraising committee for the livestock project. He often would cover the cost of the project for youth unable to afford the expenses. He always said he was rewarded beyond his dreams through the accomplishments of his children and the youth he worked with through 4-H.
Adella Paul
Paul, Adella
Concordia Parish. Year Inducted: 2008. Adella Paul has provided enthusiasm as a volunteer for more than 700 4-H students. She said what she is most proud of is that she had a part in developing so many youth at an early age and seeing them become successful leaders in their communities. Many feel that she exemplifies the 4-H pillars of character and is a true leader.
S.L. Winston
Winston, S.L.
Concordia Parish. Year Inducted: 2008. Winston was known as “Big Tam” for his generosity in helping 4-H livestock exhibitors learn life skills and for setting an example of helping others throughout his life. Through his determination and leadership, the Concordia Parish livestock program at one point exhibited more than 80 cattle at the district and state shows.