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Bienville Parish 4-H founded its Parish 4-H Foundation Charter in 1995. Visit the Bienville Parish 4-H Web site for more information about the local 4-H program.

Elliot Letlow
Letlow, Elliot E.
Bienville Parish. Year Inducted: 2008. Elliot Letlow was a 4-H agent and county agent with 38 years of service beginning in 1951. His accomplishments include working with the Junior Leaders Club and gardening contests and providing peaches for many educational demonstrations.
Billy B. Nutt
Nutt, Billy
Bienville Parish. Year Inducted: 2009. Billy B. Nutt of Bienville Parish began his career in extension in 1966 in Lake Providence as an associate county agent. He transferred to Lincoln Parish and in 1972 he moved his family to Bienville Parish as county agent and parish chair. Now retired, he assists in garden contests and beautification activities at his church, library and the courthouse.
Young, Stephen
Bienville Parish. Year Inducted: 2011. For more than 50 years (1960-2011), Stephen Young has served Bienville Parish as a 4-H organizational and project leader. He trained numerous youth in the poultry and the dairy projects to judge, groom and show poultry and dairy animals.