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Go Local - Bicycling Clubs
Links to bicycling clubs around the state.
Character Critters - Read a Story
Character Critters
It is fun to read a picture book to a child. You will find that children have special ideas that will amaze you. The Character Critters site gives you lots of wonderful stories to share.
Make an air leak detector
Make your very own air leak detector and see if you can find leaks at home.
Making a solar oven - Jordan
Watch as Jordan, a 4-H'er from Louisiana, shows you how to make a solar oven from a Pringles can. You can cook anywhere with this great oven, all you need is the sun!
Making a solar oven - Patrick
Learn with Patrick, a 4-H'er from Louisiana, as he shows you how to make a solar oven. Set this in the sun and have a delicious hotdog in 30 minutes.