LSU AgCenter Louisiana 4-H
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What's Bugging You? 3-5
Let's get started! "What's Bugging You?" offers you new challenges and opportunities to explore a wide range of activities related to entomology. This guide will help you discover how to learn about insects, their behavior and their life stories.
Backpacking Expeditions 9-12
Do you love being outdoors and going on adventures? If so, this project is the one for you! The activities inside will help you prepare to go on challenging backpacking trips. Let the adventures begin!
Wheels in Motion 6-8
Ready, set, go! This Level 2 guide of Bicycle Adventures will take you to the next step with your bike. Now learn how to do specialized repairs and maintenance. Discover how you can advocate for bicycle-friendly communities and turn your cycling knowledge into a career.
Consumer Savvy
You will be a consumer all of your life, so it is important to be a smart consumer. Everyone needs to know what they want and be able to make wise decisions with their money.