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Event Map

Fun Exhibits!

  • "Animals Produce For You" will be an educational area that includes chickens, pigs, goats, sheep, dairy cattle and beef cattle. It will give participants a chance to see what animals eat and the products provided by the livestock industry. Kids also will have an opportunity to see eggs hatch in an incubator.
  • "Plant Products" will include a look at cotton, rice and sugarcane from seeds to mature plants. It also will provide a look at how vegetables are grown and how insects contribute to the process. Specialized educational signs will allow visitors to learn about the origin of products they consume, such as that ketchup is made from tomatoes.
  • "Farming the Waters" will feature catfish, crawfish, alligators, turtles and ornamental fish, such as koi. Viewing stations will allow visitors to see both habitats and products, and visitors will learn how you "farm" aquatic life.
  • The "World of Wonder" will focus on forests, forest products and wildlife. The exhibit will illustrate in a natural-type setting the abundance of natural resources found in our state and offer an opportunity for a “walk through the forest.” Visitors will learn what it takes to protect our environment and that the forest products industry is the largest agricultural segment in Louisiana. This exhibit also will include a chance for visitors to view the root system of a tree and to visit with Smokey Bear.
  • The Louisiana 4-H section will highlight the youth development program and its “learn by doing” philosophy. Kids can learn about ATV safety and Louisiana’s wetlands. Louisiana 4-H is an educational program of the LSU AgCenter designed to help young people develop leadership, citizenship and life skills.
  • The popular “Bugs Rule” area will demonstrate the role insects play in agriculture and the environment. It includes magnifying lenses to allow participants to view bugs up close and a greenhouse filled with plants and butterflies. Young people can see a giant mosquito, hissing cockroaches and other interesting specimens. It’s also the place where kids will be invited to do insect or bug rubbings.
  • A new section to AgMagic is “Farm Gate to Dinner Plate.” Kids will be introduced to food science and can learn about bad bacteria. They also will have an opportunity to help build a “pizza” using Louisiana agricultural products.
  • In addition to those exhibits, the "Body Walk," an interactive educational exhibit designed to combat childhood obesity, will be available in the 4-H Mini Farm adjacent to Parker Coliseum. Sponsored by the LSU AgCenter and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation, it is part of an overall program known as "Smart Bodies."
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