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Mark your calendars and join us at AgMagic for this one-of-a-kind event at the John M. Parker Coliseum (located on Highland Road near the south gates of LSU).

April 22-26, 2013
Open to school groups and organizations
8 a.m.-1 p.m.

April 27-28, 2013
Open to Public
10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Do you think food, clothing, lumber and other products only come from a store? Come to AgMagic to see and learn where your food and fiber really come from! The LSU AgCenter’s Parker Coliseum will be transformed this spring to show “AgMagic,” which will take children and adults through a journey of Louisiana agriculture and economically beneficial commodities they use every day.

The AgMagic experience will be an interactive, visually stimulating environment that will link food and fiber products we use every day to the forests, field crops and livestock produced by Louisiana farmers, ranchers and forest landowners. Featured crops will be displayed in various stages of development, and the importance of interaction between agriculture, the environment and society at large will be highlighted.

LSU Dairy Store ice cream is being made availabe for special order and delivery to AgMagic for classes to enjoy after their tours. Take the opportunity to tantalize your taste buds with mouth-watering ice cream from the LSU Dairy Store and place your order with your registration.

After AgMagic, enter the Louisiana Body Walk, a 35-foot-by-45-foot, walk-through exhibit representing the human body, targeting kindergarten through fifth-grade children. During your walk, you will explore the stomach, small intestines, heart, lungs, bones, skin and brains, stopping at learning stations to participate in activities focused on the effects that different foods have on each organ. This exhibit has proven to be a successful model for teaching human nutrition, physiology and the importance of healthy lifestyle behaviors in a manner that children can understand. See www.smartbodies.org for more information.

This is a FREE event! To register for AgMagic, please click here.

For more information about AgMagic, call 225-578-2196.

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