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Foundation History
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The Louisiana 4-H Foundation Fund is a permanent endowment fund with only the interest to be used for 4-H support. The funds are administered within the guidelines of the LSU Foundation.

The concept of a fund based on private contributions to augment support of 4-H activities in Louisiana began in 1978 when his friends and colleagues sought a suitable way to honor John A. Cox upon his retirement as director of the Cooperative Extension Service. On April 29 of that year, the John A. Cox 4-H Development Fund was inaugurated, most fittingly honoring a man who had actively supported 4-H throughout his career.

To expand the scope of private support for 4-H programs, the Board of Directors of the Development Fund in December of 1983 created the Louisiana 4-H Foundation, an umbrella fund within the LSU Foundation that encompasses the John A. Cox Fund, the Louisiana Campaign for 4-H, many accounts in memory and honor of 4-H supporters, and other special-interest drives for funds to support 4-H activities.

The Louisiana 4-H Foundation reached its first $1 million goal in 1995. Later that year, the Foundation received it’s largest contribution to date -- $500,000 from the estate of Dr. Carl Baldridge and Beulah Landry Baldridge. The 4-H Foundation reached $2 million in funds in 2000.
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