Rising Above the Floods

Ana Iverson  |  8/15/2016 7:31:34 PM

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Repetitive flooding affects thousands of Louisiana homes and businesses. Many of the affected structures are built on slabs on the ground; many are brick-veneer construction with fireplaces. Until recently owners of such structures had two elevation options: 1) removal from the slab or 2) perimeter jacking using foundation repair and leveling techniques. Either method, except on the smallest structures, is invasive.

A group of flood victims in Denham Springs, La., near Baton Rouge, persuaded the Amite River Basin Drainage and Water Conservation District to help them bring a slab-raising contractor to Louisiana to demonstrate a non-invasive method on their homes. The project was funded through FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program with cooperation from the Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness, the LSU Agricultural Center’s Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service, McKee and Deville Consulting Engineers, the LSU School of Architecture and the City of Denham Springs. The homeowners bore about 45% of the total costs of their projects.

In this publication and its companion videotape, the procedure is explained as it was demonstrated by the Michigan contractor. Special attention is given to adapting the technology for use in Louisiana’s floodplains.

As a result of this project, slab elevation is now offered by Louisiana contractors. You can obtain a list of contractors and addresses of elevated structures by calling your parish office of the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service (listed in the parish government section of the phone book under “Extension Service”) or the Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness.

Raising a slab-built home with its slab is a major renovation which will affect not only the appearance of your home or business but its structural integrity.

The main purpose of this publication is to give you a basic understanding of how it’s done and confidence that slabs can be elevated. This publication also provides tools to help you decide whether to elevate your home or business using this method, and guide you through the planning process. Other valuable resources are listed on the inside back cover.

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Are you allowed?

The Slab

Planning and Contracting

Arrangements that Work

How High is High Enough?

Finding the Money

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Louisiana Floodplains

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